By Forsyth Barr Stadium | Posted: Wednesday August 10, 2016

The guiding principles behind the creation of Forsyth Barr Stadium come from a true ‘South of the Waitaki’ approach, where business is conducted with honesty and integrity, and respect for the region and local environment is paramount.

The design and construction of the stadium has taken into account many ‘green’ features across a variety of areas:

Wherever possible we’ve used materials that have low embodied energy or energy-saving features or are recyclable.


The stadium site needed to be cleared of its existing buildings before construction could begin. We made sure that a whopping 97% of the cleared material was recycled.

  • Concrete debris has been crushed for re-use as fill material
  • Reinforcing steel was recycled
  • Concrete slabs have been cut up for re-use as concrete panels
  • Concrete blocks were salvaged for re-use
  • Timber has either been stripped out and de-nailed for reuse or chipped up for use as garden mulch and as feedstock for bio-fuel boilers
  • One of the cool stores from the original site was taken down and is being re-assembled on another site

Sure, it’s extra work for us to recycle this much material, but we believe it’s 100% worth it.

Water use

Rain water is harvested in special tanks for re-use as irrigation for the natural grass playing field. That adds up to a huge amount of complimentary irrigation, courtesy of our 'bracing' local climate. 


Energy Efficiency

Wherever possible we’ve used materials that have low embodied energy (the amount of energy that goes into making it), or energy-saving features or are recyclable.

  • The roof is made from ETFE, a lightweight polymer that has low embodied energy and is completely recyclable.
  • All seating areas in the stands are naturally ventilated.
  • Wherever possible, internal areas use mechanical ventilation (forced air) instead of air-conditioning, which uses less energy.
  • Lighting and electrical installations are specified to conserve energy.


The design and location of Forsyth Barr Stadium are designed to minimise the number of vehicle movements required to and from the venue.

  • Traffic management plans implemented on event days will further reduce vehicle movements.
  • Easy access by cycle network, also easy walking access from the city centre.
  • Easy access to public transport links.

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