Get Exposure!

Advertising within Forsyth Barr Stadium will bring you vast exposure both nationally and internationally with live TV coverage in major markets including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim. In addition to our large-scale events, advertising at Forsyth Barr Stadium can expose your brand on a smaller B2B and local community level with regular conferences, exhibitions and community events.

Who Will See Your Advertising?

  • Venue seated capacity = 30,000.
  • Venue concert capacity = 35,000+.
  • Highest average Super Rugby TV audience in NZ in 2015*.
  • Total Rugby TV audience 2014 & 2015 = 2,387,280 (Super Rugby, Mitre 10 Cup and All Blacks Test)*.
  • Attendance at the Stadium for Public and Non-public events in 2015 = 247,618.
  • Total viewing audience (2014 and 2015) = 2,634,898.
  • 2016/17 viewing audience will be higher due to three international rugby fixtures and at least three concerts *Repucom Signage Report 2015.

The Best Vantage Point

  • Both the North and South Stands receive strong television exposure nationally and internationally along with exposure to the public audience and B2B markets.
  • The vomitories are likely to receive an average of 588 seconds (9.8 minutes) television exposure per game*.
  • The Tunnel averages 33 seconds of television exposure per game*, Highboard Supersite averages 52 seconds of television exposure per game* and the Highboard averages 41 seconds of television exposure per game*. *Repucom Signage Report 2015.

Additional Advertising Opportunities


StadiumVision is a fully integrated IPTV solution that provides still imagery and video content delivery via screens throughout the Stadium in the public food and beverage areas, Members’ Lounges and Corporate Suites and all public thoroughfares.  StadiumVision gives you the opportunity to target your brand and marketing messages to a large audience in a meaningful fashion, during a time when the audience will be the most receptive to hearing from you.

Concourse Pillars, Stairwell Entrances and Bathrooms

Concourse pillars, stairwell entrances and bathrooms are throughout the public service areas in the Speight’s and North Stands and add another dimension to your advertising.

Big Screen Banner

East and West Stands’ Big Screen lower banner advertising is also available and is within the TV arc for televised events.

Why not visit the Stadium to see the opportunities for you to reach out and target your customers.
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