This 'Enquiry, Booking and Confirmation Policy' has been developed by Dunedin Venues Management Limited (Dunedin Venues) to manage potential bookings for its venues.

Enquiry status

1.     If you make an enquiry, it will sit in Dunedin Venues' enquiry tracking system.  This does not constitute a pencil booking. Dunedin Venues receives regular enquiries for venue and date availability, and any enquiry does not constitute a pencil booking until acknowledgment of a pencil booking is given in writing by Dunedin Venues.

Pencil Bookings

2.     A 'pencil booking' is a provisional booking that is yet to be confirmed.

3.     Dunedin Venues will determine in its sole discretion whether or not a pencil booking will be given for an event.  You will be notified within a reasonable time.  

4.     A decision to give a pencil booking is not a confirmed booking, and does not create a contract, arrangement or understanding to hire.  It only establishes a priority system for pencil booking holders for the venue on the penciled dates for their events. A contract for an event will only arise upon Dunedin Venues and you entering into a venue hire agreement and any deposit requirements

5.     You shall act in good faith in relation to any pencil booking. If you are given a pencil booking, you shall use your best endeavors to enter into a venue hire agreement.  

6.     Pencil bookings will only be held for 3 months (or such longer period agreed upon by Dunedin Venues in writing) At the end of this period Dunedin Venues may cancel your pencil booking without notice."

7.     In general pencil bookings cannot be given more than 2 years in advance for multi-day bookings or 1 year in advance for single day bookings.  However Dunedin Venues may accept pencil bookings up to 3 years in advance for large multi-day conferences and multi-day performing arts events. 

Competition for dates 

8.     Until a pencil booking is confirmed it may be subject to challenge.  

9.     If another hirer applies for a date for which you have a pencil booking, or Dunedin Venues requires the venue on that date, Dunedin Venues may issue a challenge to your pencil booking. If a challenge is issued you have 2 working days to confirm your pencil booking by entering into a venue hire agreement and paying any initial payment instalment.  

10.   If you do not confirm your pencil booking within 2 working days it will be deemed to have been cancelled.


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