Can I Bring Food and Drink into the Stadium?

Food and Beverage Items Permitted:

  • Bottles of water with unbroken seals less than 1 litre.
  • Homemade food - sandwiches, cakes, fruit.
  • Special foods for dietary requirements.
  • Baby food and liquids.
  • Small tetra-pak fruit juices.

Food and Beverage Items not Permitted:

  • Bottles of water larger than 1 litre or with broken seals.
  • All alcohol.
  • All soft drinks.
  • Glass bottles and cans - this includes glass perfume bottles.
  • All commercial products - including crisps, takeaways, chocolates, lollies etc. This includes these being taken from packets and transferred into containers.

Other Restrictions:
­Can I take umbrellas into the Stadium? No.

Can I bring strollers, prams or pushchairs into the Stadium? No.

Can I bring a camera into the Stadium? Dependent on the event, personal cameras may be permitted but must not have a removable lens. No tripods, Go Pros, selfie sticks or video cameras are permitted.  No recording devices for commercial purposes.

Only bags smaller than 30cm x 30cm are permitted unless with the venues discretion.

Chilly bins or picnic hampers of any size and large backpacks are not permitted.